Romanian Traditional Rugs

ROMANIAN TRADITIONAL RUGS                                                                           

Our Romanian Traditional Rugs

Imagine the golden glow of the sun against the soft pastel houses, in the countryside on lands dominated by ancestral castles, old fortresses and peaceful monasteries where life moves a little slower and follows ancient rhythms of tradition and culture.

Here is the place where our Romanian Traditional Rugs are born.


Although technically they are textiles, rugs deserve their own category because no other textiles can so dramatically reflect their regions of origin. Most of the Romanian Traditional Rugs are flat-weave Kilims probably influenced centuries ago by the Ottoman’s techniques.

Each of our Romanian Traditional Rugs can be considered an original creation, with vegetal and animal motifs combined with old traditional geometrical patterns of flat-weave rugs from the South Oltenia Region.


Eco Rugs - Love of Nature

The ancient village artisans created rugs the way they wished to look like. Each pattern contains combined motifs (birds, seeds, trees and flowers) which the artisans considered to be essential elements of life and nature.

Each artisan knew the technique and the specific types of canvas of that place. The patterns were transmitted from generation to generation and were continuously improved till our days. They didn’t use drawings but cooperation of artisans’ ideas.

Our Rugs are made of 100 % ecological Wool weaved on 100 % Cotton warp. The Turcana or Merinos Wools are the most appropriate materials because of their breed with long, brassy and rough thread.